Crystal Infused Candle - Sandalwood Fragrance

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Hand poured Crystal Infused Soy



Infused with:

Black Tourmaline 

Matte Black Jar 

We only use 100% genuine Crystal/Precious Stones in our candles.

550g of highly fragranced soy candle goodness.

These Candles are all hand poured by 7yo Kobi a proud Wiradjuri boy.

Kobi has ADHD and SPD, Kobi finds peace in pouring 'his' candles and carefully positioning each genuine Crystal in it's place.

Burn time approx 80 hours

100% Natural Soy wax used.

We use 100% Cotton braid Lead free wicks.

All fragrances used are Phthalate Free.

Please refere to Fragrance Notes page for details on all our sensational fragrances.

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