Insulated Resin Coated Tumbler - Cuss Words 16oz

Insulated Resin Coated Tumbler - Cuss Words 16oz

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Stunning Insulated tumblers featuring a sassy saying. 

Holds 16oz of your favourite hold or cold beverage.

These are stainless steel doublewalled vaccuumed sealed tumblers / wine glasses
Decorated in a variety of applications such as glitter,alcohol inks,mica powders/pigment powders ,fabric etc.
Each tumbler comes with a lid.

They are finished in a FDA approved resin which gives a glass like finish.

Most have a waterslide or vinyl picture or saying on them and they can also have your name put on them if you desire.

Please allow at least 10 days extra curing time if you want a name on them.

They are all hand made so may have the smallest of imperfections.

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